Swedish Princess Cakes

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Learn how to make a delicious mini Swedish Princess cake,

This cake is made with a Norwegian sponge cake, it´s filled with diplomat cream (that´s whipped cream combined with pastry cream) it has homemade raspberry inside, fruit and chocolate, and is covered in homemade marzipan!

The sponge cake recipe and video you can find here;

The video for the extra white marzipan you…


  1. Is there a reason you can't cut the marzipan bigger? Watching you spending all that time shaping it I just kept yelling in my head, "JUST CUT IT BIGGER! WHY ISN'T SHE CUTTING IT BIGGER?!" There's probably a reason, but I'm no baker so someone's gonna have to tell me.

  2. bon c'est juste un gâteau moelleux style gâteau de Savoie avec un chouilla de confiote et trois tonnes de crème.. perso j'pense qu'au niveau du goût on peut faire mieux.. Cependant le rendu est vraiment mignon

  3. This isn't a Swedish princess cake. Not the first one and third one at least. The second might be if you remove the fresh fruit and not really sure what diplomat cream is but it might be correct in English..

  4. I'm getting so pissed at how many people are pointing out this is not a true princess cake because it has a fucking banana slice in it.
    You should have thought about it when you started putting pineapple on pizza and calling it pizza anyway.

  5. Oh, come on! If you are gonna make a tutorial at least get the recipe right. No fresh fruit and certainly no chocolate. Also, green marzipan. And FYI, bought raspberry jam is perfectly fine. But sure, your mini cakes are cute. Just not princess cakes.