Slimming world spice chicken & southern style gravy mix

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What a lovely dinner today and the mayflower southern gravy mix is totally brilliant. Comment Asia below to win a Giveaway off the gravy mix.
Special thanks to Paul for filming today and please check out his channel ..


  1. ASIA – great job Paul! Food looked really good – I hope Asia Foods are grateful for all the free advertising they are getting from you (and send more freebies ha ha) x

  2. Asia looked yum I make slimming world friendly kfc at the weekend but used smash for the coating with spices was yummy and crunchy and saved my b choice I don't go in for all this tweak business so classed it as free 😀

  3. Asia 🐣🐤🐥 Asia🐣🐤🐥Asia 🐣🐤🐥Asia🐣🐤🐥Asia🐣🐤🐥Asia🐣🐤🐥Asia🐣🐤🐥Asia🐣🐤🐥 Asia🐥🐤🐣 ☝☝☝😊😊😊😂😂😂 well done Paul

  4. Asia…well done on the filming Paul.. Food looked amazing. Can't wait to try the gravy. Was making my mouth water. I always use the curry powder, just hope the gravy will be out to buy real soon

  5. ASIA !Well well done Paul you done an amazing job ! loved all the different angles your a superstar! that meal looked amazing ! would love to try that gravy ! I will subscribe to your channel Paul well done ! ANOTHER FANTASTIC BLOG AND HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GAZ AND BTW POPPY I AM JOANNE I LIVE IN DERRY NORTHERN IRELAND AND I HAVE THREE GROWN UP SON'S WHO EAT ALL THE FOOD IN MY HOUSE AND WE HAVE TWO DOGS CALLED JAK WHO IS A JACK RUSSELL AND TANK IS OUR ONE YEAR OLD PUPPY AND HE IS A STAFFY
    X X X X