No Bake Chocolate Raspberry Tarts | HEALTHY DESSERT RECIPE ♡

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Welcome to Chocolate Heaven! Today, I will show you how to make these scrumptious Raw Vegan Chocolate Tarts. Trust me when I say that no one ever believes that this dessert is healthy.

This dessert might take quite a bit of time to prepare, but all the steps are really simple, and once you try the tarts you will realize that it was all worth it.

Feel free to substitute maple syrup and agave with any other liquid sweeteners of your choice. This is just…


  1. Agave is super high in fructose (up to 90%) which goes straight to your liver and not a very good sugar replacement, despite the shops advertising it's a healthier choice. Even regular table sugar is better than agave. The best replacement I've found is rice malt syrup (0% fructose)

    And yes, I realize my user name is ironic. XD

  2. your so AMAZING i love all your recipes but your voice sounds american as well as the place your from or maybe your not from there but you grew up there as a kid but either way this really helped me! i needed something sweet! x

  3. I made a test run because I wanted to make Pumpkin Tarts for Thanksgiving this year. It turn out great, I topped with with caramelized pecans & powdered sugar. I didn't take a photo, I just ate it! Thanks again for the recipes! Xoxo 

  4. Great recipe! I tried it and it was awesome! 
    I didn't find coconut butter and coconut oil but I used Coconut cream and salted butter instead, it was good anyway (not very vegan, though :/ )
    Thank you so much! I'll try other recipes of yours :-*