FROM THE GARDEN: Garlic Chive Cake

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From the garden we harvest enough garlic chive to make a good number of garlic chive cake. This vegetable crop has for a long time been confused for leek. As a result, garlic chive cakes is often known as “leek cake.” To further add onto the incorrect taxonomy, it is called a cake but is technically a dumpling. Even yours truly (at toward the end of the video) regressed and called it a “leek cake.”

In any event, garlic chive dumpling or leek cake is originally from Chaozhou, China. Chaozhou…


  1. Great Video! Your Teochew language is impressive. Very few young kids can speak it in America. This is my favorite Teochew dish. Thank you for sharing it. I cannot wait to try to make it myself!

  2. You just got another subscriber! I wish I found your channel earlier. I love garlic chive and have been growing them since last year. Already harvested twice this year, got abundant! Have been looking for new ways to cook them, and this little cakes will be my next project.

  3. Thank you for the recipe. I love it and it tastes like the real thing I got from Shan Tou. Makes me feel like visiting my grandpa many moons ago. It brings back so many good memories. Thanks again!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your recipe. We have something similar to this called 韭菜盒子 garlic chive box in Northeast China. I started my chives from seeds for the first time this week, 2 already sprouted, I can't wait to harvest them 😻

  5. Happy New year 2017
    Enchantée !
    Je suis bien ravie d'avoir vu votre premier vidéo en teochew, car j'en parle également la langue, c'est formidable de la découvrir pour la première fois sur Youtube.
    Merci beaucoup pour partager

  6. thanks for your recipe and your music really remind me about my grandpa, he love to lisen that Teow Cheow traditional music and im very miss the taste of these cake as well

  7. I love thess kind of cakes with different fillings. Always love them with fish or soy sauces, Thank you . The key in the dough my use 1 lb/rice , 4 oz tapioca and 4 cup of water… What is you best mix for the dough. You advise will be appreciated.