Easy NUTELLA Recipes! Hot Chocolate + Cookies

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In honor of World Nutella Day (an actual holiday happening on February 5th), I’ve got super easy, quick, diy and delicious recipe’s for Nutella Hot Chocolate and Nutella Cookies! Why not try em out and TREAT YO’ SELF?!

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  1. 1/4 cup=4 tablespoons
    3/4 cup=12 tablespoons
    1 tablespoon=15 mL
    1 tablespoon of milk (isn't the same for all liquids/sugars)=15 gram
    350°F=about (not exactly) 180°C
    1 cup=16 tablespoons
    1 cup=240 mL

  2. OMG nice nutella cookies they were great i added som extra sugar as long with some whipped cream thank you so much for posting this recipe i just had to subscribe keep making more nutella recipes like nutella icecream hope you read this comment im new to this channel and your awesome :)

  3. so many other people have probably commented this but im pretty sure you pronounce 'nutella' wrong… it's made from nuts so its called NUTella not NEWtella, unless im just crazy and have been living a life of lies and I am actually wrong and you're saying it right

  4. Why would you do this to me? It looks so yummy I'll definitely make those!! I just discovered your channel and I love your videos I'm so excited for your futur videos you look like you enjoy make the videos not like most of the other youtubers!