Cooking Chicken for Bodybuilding – Healthy and Tasty

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  1. bro for building a ripped physique ppl tell that we shouldn't use salt at all but if I don't use it my thyroid gland would get suppressed so in each meal if I'm using a low sodium based salt how much should I be using?

  2. This chicken is good for bulking – if you are cutting u have to get rid of all the salt and sugar from the seasonings. Try make your own seasoning without salt and sugar. Use a sweetener instead of sugar …u can use salt free sodium – it's important if you want to look vascular for competition

  3. Hey Shreyas, Chetan here I have been following u from past few months and I have loved many videos of yours as you are a Genuine guy, Down to Earth and never guide anything wrong about bodybuilding. Wish you all the very best and keep uploading many bodybuilding videos for us.
    I would just quickly like to ask you how can we reduce fat and gain muscles at the same time??

  4. Thank u so much for this vdo. Also thank u specially to your mom for this amazingly tasty dish. I am trying to build muscles and this receipe is just perfect… poached tasty chicken. Thank you buddy!

  5. non-veg diet is bad for health it will cause problems cancer diabetes etc you should go vegan you will not lose any muscle mass and may also get more ripped and shredded no offence on your diet it's just my advice

  6. Please help bro… chicken comes out too rubbery.. wat m i doing wrong ?? overcooking? undercooking ??
    u use high flame or low flame ?? also, do u count minutues or do u count whistles in ur pressure cooker ?? pls rply