Chinese Braised Chicken Wing Recipe (Chinese Chicken Snack Recipe)

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Chinese Braised Chicken Wing Recipe (Chinese Chicken Snack Recipe)

Welcome to Xiao’s Kitchen. My name is Xiao Wei, ever since my Mother taught me how to cook at a early age, I have always had a strong passion for Cooking. My family still live in Inner Mongolia in the northern part of China, where I visit each year and pick-up new Asian/Chinese recipes.

500g Chicken Wings
10g Ginger
3 Cloves garlic
2 Spring Onions
2 Red Chillies
1 Tsp Ground White Pepper
1 Tbsp Light Soy…


  1. Tried it at home and the wife and I enjoyed it. What we did not know was how many serving this recipe is suppose to provide. We divided it for four since we also had rice and vegetables with it. But after looking at other similar recipes the 500g of chicken wings looked at as two servings.

  2. Kudos for the great editing skills, but for a recipe video it's a little bit too much 'form over function' with 3 minutes of video before the ingredients start getting mixed together. That said, the food looks delicious, I'd like to try making it!